Dumping data from a server

Get a list of keys found on memcached servers


#include <libmemcached/memcached.h>

memcached_return_t memcached_dump(memcached_st *ptr, memcached_dump_fn *function, void *context, uint32_t number_of_callbacks)
memcached_return_t (*memcached_dump_fn)(memcached_st *ptr, const char *key, size_t key_length, void *context)

Compile and link with -lmemcached


memcached_dump() is used to get a list of keys found in memcached(1) servers. Because memcached(1) does not guarentee to dump all keys you can not assume you have fetched all keys from the server. The function takes an array of callbacks that it will use to execute on keys as they are found.

Currently the binary protocol is not testsed.


A value of type memcached_return_t is returned On success that value will be MEMCACHED_SUCCESS. Use memcached_strerror() to translate this value to a printable string.


To find out more information please check: http://libmemcached.org/


Brian Aker, <brian@tangent.org>


memcached(1) libmemcached(3) memcached_strerror(3)

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