Getting version information about the client and server


#include <libmemcached/memcached.h>

const char * memcached_lib_version(void)
memcached_return_t memcached_version(memcached_st *ptr)

Compile and link with -lmemcached


memcached_lib_version() is used to return a simple version string representing the libmemcached version (client library version, not server version)

memcached_version() is used to set the major, minor, and micro versions of each memcached server being used by the memcached_st connection structure. It returns the memcached server return code.


memcached_lib_version() returns a string with the version of the libmemcached driver.

A value of memcached_return_t is returned from :c:func:’memcached_version’

On success that value will be MEMCACHED_SUCCESS.

If called with the MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_USE_UDP() behavior set, the value MEMCACHED_NOT_SUPPORTED will be returned.

Use memcached_strerror() to translate this value to a printable string.


To find out more information please check:


memcached(1) libmemcached(3) memcached_strerror(3)

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